Seeking Clarity

One of my favorites from my Swatches class with Kelly Kilmer.  Sometimes a page just comes together so easily (other times its like pulling teeth to get the right images).  The prompt for this page was, “How are you feeling right now, what are your truths?”.  I found this picture in a Nat’l Geographic of girls on a bus with the windows so fogged up they couldn’t see.  I felt like that!  I was feeling like I didn’t know where I was going but I was charging ahead blindly.  I felt like it was my hands on those foggy windows!

These were perfect images for the way I was feeling but Kelly suggests to first find images that appeal to you (not that fit your prompt) and then respond to them.  That’s hard to do but I find when I do it that way it unlocks feelings I wasn’t aware I was feeling.  It’s a great exercise in trusting the process!

Seeking Clarity

Seeking Clarity


About artsynaturenut

I'm a creative warrior constantly fighting my battle with my muse against that nasty critic. I love to paint and do mixed media work either on the canvas or with art journals. I'll dabble in just about everything--bookmaking, photography, writing, etc. and get excited about combining them. Hence the mixed media!
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4 Responses to Seeking Clarity

  1. Such a processing way of working, discovering things in our heads we weren’t even necessarily aware of. My 52 cards project is a lot like that for me. Somehow the cards always perfectly reflect my inner state of mind.

    Love Kelly Kilmer, have just recently signed up to two of her other classes. I love the images you chose and the way they reflected how you felt at the time.Very meaningful page.


    • Thanks for your encouraging comments. I’ll have to check out the 52 cards project. I’m doing the index card a day in June with Daisy Yellow–is it similar? Have fun with your classes with Kelly:-)


  2. I can totally identify with your second sentence. 🙂 Almost every time I sit down to art journal, its more like pulling teeth, but sometimes the pages practically fall together with hardly any effort. Really wish it was more the latter and less the former! Love your page, especially the postal stamps(?) in the upper right corner!


    • Thanks kitty. The stamps are actually some cool washi tape I found at Michael’s. This class is helping me to just pick images that appeal to me but not for any conscious reason. I can’t tell you how much time I used to waste looking for that “perfect” image. Amazingly if I just go with what I’m attracted to I seem to find the meaning as I continue to work on the page. Thanks for your comments!


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