Intention Invention!

2014 Intentions--journal page

2014 Intentions–journal page

So it’s still close enough to January 1st for New Year’s resolutions intentions, isn’t it?  I prefer  the idea of making intentions, it sounds much more positive than resolutions which have a kind of downer quality.  Maybe that comes from years of breaking resolutions:-)  This was my first page in my journal this year and since I had plenty of room left in said journal and didn’t want to go on to another one I simply did this big, zentanglely date to start off the new section.  Briefly my intentions for this year are:

  • The usual eat healthier and exercise more one.  Really, who doesn’t make this one!!
  • Re-do my downstairs bathroom.  Strip off the old wallpaper, paint (actually I’m going to do this stuff called venetian plaster, excited!), new light fixture, etc. and paint the cabinet black.  (start in January!)
  • Read more–I want to be always in the midst of a good book instead of the occasional read.
  • Blog more……….I love the blogging community but a large part of why I blog is to keep myself energized about creating and to keep a record of what I’ve done for the year.
  • CREATIVITY, yep, that’s the big one.  (1) I dropped off drastically in my art journal work last year so I want to pick back up there.  (2) My key challenge for this year is my self-designed goal of 5 collages per week. Doing well so far, thank you.  Here’s my format:  8″ x 8″ substrate with collage of any type.  First week was random, quick ones. This week I’m focusing on a nature theme.  (Started a little late since we were traveling at the beginning of Jan.)   (3) Oh, yeah, and organize my studio–really–I’m going to do it this time:-)

To help myself keep focused on my intentions I made myself an 8 x 8 collage:

2014 collage series 003(I’m all about the collage this year)  I’ll keep this somewhere where I can see it everyday as an inspiration to keep at it!

How about you?  What’s got you going this year?


About artsynaturenut

I'm a creative warrior constantly fighting my battle with my muse against that nasty critic. I love to paint and do mixed media work either on the canvas or with art journals. I'll dabble in just about everything--bookmaking, photography, writing, etc. and get excited about combining them. Hence the mixed media!
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2 Responses to Intention Invention!

  1. Wow! 5 collages a week! I would be stressed with that intention alone. haha! Good luck with them all. Love your zentangle page!


  2. Thanks for your comments 🙂 I have been doing them fairly quickly–not worried so much about the finished product–just getting stuff on the paper. It’s good practice for me because I tend to over think and then throw a roadblock in my flow of creativity!! Have a great day!


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