A little help here…please.

Playing with a little something new tonight.  Decided to try out a new look, something a little softer.  Tell me what you think of it.  I guess I should stick with one recognizable look but there are so many choices–SO MANY!!  Thanks for any input you guys can offer.  I really appreciate your time and suggestions 🙂


About artsynaturenut

I'm a creative warrior constantly fighting my battle with my muse against that nasty critic. I love to paint and do mixed media work either on the canvas or with art journals. I'll dabble in just about everything--bookmaking, photography, writing, etc. and get excited about combining them. Hence the mixed media!
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5 Responses to A little help here…please.

  1. Judy Shear says:

    Why would you want to stick to “one recognizable look” – The variety of choices is FUN. BTW, my friend, I was amused that you are into “bookmaking”. A side of you I was not aware of. LOL


  2. JG says:

    The Creative Forest is beautiful! The title fits well.


  3. I love it and it does fit so well with your blog name!


  4. Thanks for the comments here and on the facebook page. It made me realize that my blog name and tag line had been lost in the busyness of my previous theme. Fortunately I had just made the collage with the birch trees and was able to incorporate a part of that for my header. So glad you’ve taken the time to come visit my little section of the “creative forest.” I always love hearing and am grateful for your comments.


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