Come Alive!

All ready to go.  Sometime in the next few days I should get a list of 10 names from iHanna.   Address, stamp and write a short note and they’re on their way!!  Then just sit back and wait patiently  anxiously check my mail box everyday hoping to find what fun and creative mail will show up from all over the world!

I made these by starting with a couple of larger pieces of paper that I covered with acrylic and some stamping.   I collaged some circle layers of colorful papers to create a flower shape and helped that along with a little graphite in the background to suggest some petal shapes.  Another bit of collage on the base and a bit of embellishment with markers and they became mail art.

The phrase “come alive” comes from a quote by Howard Thurman:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive!”

"come alive" postcards; collage, acrylic, pen and graphite; iHanna postcard swap; Spring 2014

“come alive” postcards; collage, acrylic, pen and graphite; iHanna postcard swap; Spring 2014








About artsynaturenut

I'm a creative warrior constantly fighting my battle with my muse against that nasty critic. I love to paint and do mixed media work either on the canvas or with art journals. I'll dabble in just about everything--bookmaking, photography, writing, etc. and get excited about combining them. Hence the mixed media!
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14 Responses to Come Alive!

  1. lisa says:

    oh wow ! I love so pretty ! your postcards make me smile.hugs xo


  2. iHanna says:

    Oh Marge, such sweet postcards! I hope you won’t be anxiously awaiting postcards this week, it will take a while until you get any, esp. international ones, hihi. Great quote!. Thanks for joining, have a great day.


  3. dinnysgarden says:

    These are SO sweet! Beautiful quote also.


  4. Jayme Hunt says:

    Cute! I hope I get one of yours… 🙂 I’m in, too. Here’s what we’ve got so far (two more are coming from my niece today, so I’ll update this post with that information as soon as I get them!)


  5. What a charming paper garden you’ve created!


  6. lisa says:

    Hi Marge .
    thanks for commenting on my blog.
    The work shop “you’ve got mail art ” is so much fun.loving it.

    I didn’t get your name 😦 BUT I have some spares and would love to send you one.?
    Its exciting too get Mail art in the mail beats getting bills hehe.


  7. Kelly says:

    Hey! I LOVE your post cards!! They are beautiful! I also love the Howard Thurman quote because it’s something I have to remind myself of when I’m creating! I’m so excited to receive my post cards! I know you are too! 😀 Have fun!


  8. leacayoung says:

    These are adorable.


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