Juicy Watercolors!

Watercolor postcards mailed out today for the MMSA watercolor swap.  Wasn’t really sure if I would get this one in this week but when I started playing with my paints I couldn’t stop.  I would have made a 4th card but I only gave myself a day and a half before I had to get them in the mail–still I’m really pleased with the results.

Two are simple designs but before I painted I went back and forth with curving sweeps of the pencil across the surface of the postcard.  Each section got painted a slightly different color.  I used salt on the pear and in the background of the leaf for a little interesting texture.  The circles doodle was painted using just 3 colors and what I could mix from them; permanent magenta, new gamboge and marine blue.  I used a Sharpie marker to go over all the lines in the painting.  I think that really helps set off the spaces of color.  Since they were being mailed without envelopes I did a couple of quick sprays of Kamar varnish which has now become my favorite way to protect  my cards in the mail.

My inspirations came from the book by Dory Kanter, “Art Escapes.”

MMSA watercolor postcards

MMSA watercolor postcards


About artsynaturenut

I'm a creative warrior constantly fighting my battle with my muse against that nasty critic. I love to paint and do mixed media work either on the canvas or with art journals. I'll dabble in just about everything--bookmaking, photography, writing, etc. and get excited about combining them. Hence the mixed media!
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4 Responses to Juicy Watercolors!

  1. cyndee starr says:

    nice design, like stain glass windows. good color choice


  2. Creek Side says:

    I just received one of your MMSA cards, the one in the center above. I love it, thank you! This is my first swap and like you I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of little works of art, I was not disappointed! Also appreciate your varnish tip, I was just trying to figure out a way to protect some of the postcards I just finished. Thanks again, Trudy at Creek Side


    • You’re so welcome–glad you liked it. Next year you must check out the DIY postcard exchange organized by Hanna Andersen of the blog site: http://www.ihanna.nu She runs one every Spring and last year she also did one in the Fall. 10 cards–so much fun! See you in the swaps. Marge


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