Photo Phriday #4

I have a thing for standing close to the trunk of the tree and taking a picture looking straight up.  Have gotten some great shots this way, however, looks like this is a tree you need be careful under or wear a helmet!

A lovely bunch of coconuts!

A lovely bunch of coconuts!

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Photo Phriday

In keeping with the nature theme I seem to have going here I’ve reached back into my photo archives from a trip in a warmer climate.  We’ve had some chillier than normal days and nights and I find myself missing the summer which seemed to slip away too quickly.

This is some sort of succulent–do not know the name.  It grew near the place we were staying and I loved the combination of shades of green and rosy pink.  Think warm!!

Warm weather dreaming!

Warm weather dreaming!

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Photo Phriday!

Something about pulling nature up close and marveling at the tiny details lost in the big picture.  And I do mean big!  This leaf  was gigantic and could easily have been used for shelter on a rainy day but the fascinating details on the underside of the leaf are what drew me in.  Nature is the natural world’s most creative abstract painter.

Road map for a leaf.

Road map for a leaf.

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Photo Phriday!

Cluster of Toad Lilies.  Each flower is only the size of a half dollar--no bigger!  Fall bloomers.

Cluster of Toad Lilies. Each flower is only the size of a half dollar–no bigger! Fall bloomers.

Wanting to play more with my camera and have been thinking about this for a while. What better way to create a little incentive–commit to posting at least once a week. Let’s see where this will take me!?

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Birds, birds, birds.

Nine birds down; ninety-two to go!  Joined the 101 Bird Challenge started by Corinne Bekker with a group over on Flickr.     Here’s my flock so far 😉 —


Collage birds "Put a beak on it"

Collage birds
“Put a beak on it”


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Tiny Accordion Book

Inspired by Tammy at Daisy Yellow I tried one of her fun little accordion books.  You can cut 3 books out of one file folder.  The little books measure about 2.5 by 4 inches when they’re closed and there are six small collage spaces on the front and on the back.  Love her attitude about random collage and not over-thinking what you’re doing.  Makes it more about the process and the joy of creating.

Not the best pictures–just a quick look at the collage fun I’ve been having!  Head on over to Tammy’s site for an instructional video and several other cool projects in her Tangent series. pop over to Vimeo

Side #1 of my little accordion book.

Side #1 of my little accordion book.


Side #2 of my little accordion book.

Side #2 of my little accordion book.

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Beads, Index Cards and Good Intentions

Well, I think I can surmise that summer is not a good time for blogging in my life.  All my intentions were to keep posting in June, July and August.  As a matter of fact I made a commitment to post weekly right after the new year and was doing well keeping that up….until the sun came out!

Three of my grandchildren from out-of-town arrived in mid-June and my attention turned elsewhere.  I even tried to enlist them in doing ICAD’s with me (yes, I stopped at 27/61) but pretty soon other activities took over.  I’m big at living in the moment so it’s all good, I have no regrets, my only problem being how do I re-motivate myself?

Since the kids have left I’ve not touched an index card (ICAD) but I did exercise my creative muscles a little with these projects–leather wrapped bracelets!  Thanks to a group of friends open to learning something new and one generous friend willing to share her expertise we began creating these:008

What fun this has been and I’m now amassing a good collection of beads and leather to continue.  Meanwhile I’m eying those index cards again and feeling the itch to do a little creating every day!

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ICAD days 15 thru 21

ICAD days 15 thru 21

A little behind but not bad for running Camp Grandma for the last three weeks!!

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ICAD 2014, here I come!

Two weeks worth of ICAD’s.  I’m barely keeping up and keeping it simple at that.  Last summer I only made it to 23 out of 61 but I’m determined to spend a little time each day with a bit of drawing, collaging or creating!

Index Card A Day How hard can that be?  Right?

ICAD 2014 cards 1 - 14

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Mailbox Delights

Here’s my hoard of cards from the 2014 DIY iHanna postcard swap.  Received 8 out of 10 cards.  I suppose it’s still possible to receive the other 2 since it can take about 10 days to mail a card from some places around the world.  Still hoping!!

From top left–sent by Eunice of the U.K., Lauren from New York, circles card from Cindy of somewhere in the U.S., cloud, rain and flowers from Randy of the Netherlands, orange background, blue washi tape and fabric cloud with “delightful”
from Simone in Australia, text background with my initial “C” monogram in embroidery from Barbro in Sweden, abstract in markers from Chris in California and stars, collage and “Do more of what make’s you happy” from Natalie in New York!

Love doing these exchanges!  Surprises in the mailbox are fun but one of the greatest parts are connecting with people from all over and knowing there are so many people out there who want to share a little bit of art in an unusual way!!

Postcards received in the IHanna DIY swap 2014.

Postcards received in the IHanna DIY swap 2014.

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